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Present Local Area Code TheGlobal Office is now available in South Africa. That means Theis now available on six continents – Africa, Asia, Australia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, and South America – plus more than 40 countries. In addition, to ensure high-quality service, we launched a new local media support point in South Africa. Code snippets are a way for software developers to share code in their original format. This makes it much easier to share bits and pieces of code via messaging streams. TheVideo, the rooms, and TheVideo Australia were launched in March. Both come with all the features of TheVideo, as well as TheRooms.

Present Local Area Code

Portuguese language translation was added. Administrators can now set up multilingual IPVRs, change the language settings, and have voice prompts translated into Portuguese Portuguese. In addition, the office allows you to create personal folders, which allow for the organization of your group and direct mails. You can also create custom folder names based upon project, group, or any other topic. Drag and drop your conversation into the organizer, arrange them as you like, and then color-code each folder for easy identification.

 Picture-in-picture mode Present Local Area Code

Picture-in-picture mode lets you reduce the size of a meeting and give you full access to all your messages. Refer back to what someone shared in a text message without leaving the conversation, and respond to an urgent note sent during a meeting. An indicator light indicates if your camera is turned on or off, even if you minimize the meeting area.  Poly collaborated with us to integrate TheRooms directly in Poly StudioX30/Poly StudiosX50 meeting area appliances. It comes all together, so you don’t have to buy expensive equipment for meeting rooms or video conferencing software.


We also established points of presence in Australia and Singapore to enhance call quality and support data residence. We optimized audio VDI  virtual desktop infrastructure  Citrix, VMware, and other users. This can function in virtual hosts just like any other application. This can access telephony services via additional network hops. If the network infrastructure is not stable or adequate, users might experience poor audio quality.TheAppfor Citrix or ThePhone Plugin for VMware establishes a direct media link from your remote device, where Citrix/VMW are install, to The’s data center. This maximizes audio quality and reduces network hops. They can help you through every step of the journey. We expect many changes in our business model by 2021. Keep an eye out to see if we make any further improvements to our product over the next few months.

The: Open platform roundup

The platform team has been busy creating APIs and new integrations to make it easier for teams to work productively. For example, Citrix’s new integrations allow you to optimize telephony processing from your virtual desk. You can also get personalize customer interactions using the ServiceNow integrations for Engage Voice. Here’s what is new in February and March. Available now for Office Standard Premium, Ultimate, and Premium edition customers.