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Geographically Area Code Theis is always trying to bridge the gap between our PC and mobile applications to have a similar experience on both. This month it’s all a matter of getting more screens. Participant pinning allows users to pin attendees to their main meeting screens. This eliminates the need to scroll back and forth to find a speaker and gives users greater control over who to prioritize—for example, pinup three participants on mobile or six on tablets.

Geographically Area Code

Moderators of meetings can now divide participants into various virtual rooms. This is great to facilitate side discussions and to brainstorm sessions in more significant conjunction. Start ad-hoc sessions and get your team members involved immediately. Team huddle makes it easy to quickly start video conferences, rather than scheduling them far in advance.

Maximum 500 participants

TheVideo is soon able to support as many as 500 participants in a single video conference. Take a look at, which includes the latest and most upcoming features. It allows you to do more withTheis focused on making meetings more productive and intelligent. TheOffice and Glip users both have access to the new features. Check them out now in your app, and stay tuned for more releases. Have you created an account but don’t have one? We constantly strive to improve your communication and collaboration. Here are the most recent updates starting in Q1 20201. They have been separated by message and video.

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Therefore The signs are on the wall: hybrid work is the future. According to PwC research, 75% percent of executives believe that at most half of their employees would work again in the office before July 2021. The survey also revealed that 61% of employees expect to spend half of their work time in the office before July.  So it’s more important than ever to stay connected. In this hybrid workplace, employees will to support by everyone, from their office colleagues, to work remotely. We’re dedicated to making it a success. The office users have access to the most recent video meeting features. Theis here to help you stay connected, whether your workforce is based entirely remotely or pivots into a hybrid environment. See the latest additions in Q1 2020:

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Therefore The administrators can now easily access messages-only, announcements-only, and limited extension information via a cascading Menu. Therefore We changed the table filter design to make it easier to see what data you want. Headers in the administrative portal now remain static. This allows you to view them even when you scroll up or down. Navigation menus now have independent scrolling. We also improved call management by giving administrators and call-queue managers more capabilities to manage agents. We now offer shared voicemail in beta, allowing end-users and administrators to assign others to receive their messages.