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Buy a 938 virtual phone number Cote Brasserie, a British classic, is now a household name. It was established in 2007. Cote now has over 100 locations across Britain in a little more than ten years. Cote at Home, a popular delivery service, was recently launched by the company. Brasserie wanted to move from a voice-only telephone center to embrace omnichannel communications and offer a unified communication tool for its employees. They chose the right company for cloud communications.

Buy a 938 virtual phone number.

Cote Brasserie expanded, and each restaurant was responsible for managing its own reservations. This was inefficient and caused customers to have inconsistent experiences. This has made it easier for restaurants to communicate with customers and provide top-notch service. Contact Centre allows their agents to connect with customers so fast that they have seen increased sales.

It optimizes your operations.

Therefore Cote Brasserie’s Contact Centre system allows agents to reach customers via a variety of channels. Cote Brasserie can now route calls to suitable agents to resolve customers’ problems. This directly contributes to increased sales.TheOffice allows Cote Brasserie and its decentralized team to communicate better via voice or video. You can do this from anywhere, on any device. The contact centers and restaurants at Cote Brasserie have made it easier for staff to communicate with each other. Cote Brasserie is moving digitally in its communication and business processes. They will be able to scale up as they grow thanks to the platform’s flexibility, which will simplify their omnichannel communication. We hope for a long-lasting and productive partnership with Cote Brasserie.

TheVideo enables a connected and hybrid workforce.

Video has been an integral part of our lives since the beginning of 2018. Video is no longer a conference call option. Our workforce could work remotely 24/7, even though most of the world was locked down. Therefore Video has been an essential tool in building and maintaining relationships, communicating with customers and business partners, and reducing isolation through connecting with others.

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Therefore TheVideo (RCV), a trusted video platform by all kinds of organizations, has been around for a little over a year. RCV won Today’s Best Video Solution Award.2021 RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards: Therefore All-Inclusive Video Conferencing Solution of the Year. RCV was able to connect businesses of all sizes through the pandemic. Online healthcare providers could treat patients without causing any harm to their safety or health. Students could also click with teachers via the internet to continue their education. Even though employees moved away, employers were still able to engage with them. It is an honor to recognize the technology that enables this momentous transformation in many organizations’ lives.